Mixon’s Amazing
Play Place

Looking for the perfect place to have a birthday party or fun gathering?

Mixon’s Amazing Play Place is just the location you’ve been seeking. Everything from birthday parties to corporate gatherings and field trips!

With so many things to do here, your guests will stay busy and have a blast venturing around the over 27000 sq. ft. of space. The Amazing Play place is covered in soft Astro-Turf grass to make the area fun for even the smallest of fans. Relax in the shade as you watch the fun unfold under many covered picnic tables scattered throughout the play area.

Games and Playground

Fun For All Ages

Kids can climb up the wooden lookout tower to get a bids eye view of all the action and slide down to take their turn on the tire hill. With large inflatable entertainment including a bounce house & 20ft water slide (weather depending) that is also a ball pit slide in the cooler months, there’s no shortage of things to help the young one’s burn energy.

If competitive games are something that your group would enjoy, we have plenty on site.

A fun creatively designed water pump race, creates a fun game using old metal water pumps and of course, plastic oranges as your “racer”. Who can get the orange around their track first, is crowned the winner!

For groups with older guests, we have you covered too! We have life size Chess, Jenga, Cornhole and badminton to entertain them. Make your event stand out by adding additional cocktail tables, and portable bar so that drinks are always close by.

At Mixon’s we are more than just a Fruit Farm, we make parties and events fun, easy and something your guests will not soon forget!

We offer many extra additions to keep the party going. For example, you can book a Tram Tour through the grove, spend time at the Wildlife Rescue area and even enjoy catering from our café and our famous Mixon Orange Twist Ice Cream as a special treat!

For packages and more information

Please contact our Amazing Play Place Coordinator, Becky Miller at 941-748-5829 ext 256.

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Mixon's Amazing Play Place

Please contact our Amazing Play Place Coordinator, Becky Miller at
941-748-5829 ext 256.